Please join our ongoing Yard and Neighborhood Beautification Campaign! Obey the following BHOA neighborhood rules:

  • Don’t litter! Pick up litter near and around your home.

  • Add sod or plant grass seed to your yard if needed.

  • Don’t blow or rake grass clippings/leaves in the street.

  • Remember, the City will only pick up leaves and grass clippings that are bagged.

  • Don’t park vehicles on your front or back lawn.

  • Remove garbage containers from street asap after pickup.

  • Avoid long-term parking on neighborhood streets.

  • Report all environmental and code concerns promptly to Officer Terry Carroll at 339-7000 or 333-3025. Email tcarroll@cityofnorthport.org

  • Drive slowly through the neighborhood.

  • Be the kind of neighbor you would want to have.

  • Contribute to the Briarcliff Homeowners Association.

  • Increase the value of our neighborhood by keeping a nice and clean yard.

  • Take pride in Briarcliff!