Street Representatives

Camelia Trail & Maple Lane – Howard McCane & Robert Lewis

Azalea Trail – Donna Anders

Old Hickory Lane – Doug Lee

Pin Oak Trail – Marzette Hinton & Bennie Rudolph

Magnolia Lane – Robert Lewis & Bennie Rudolph

Briarcliff Drive – Charles Foster & Robert Lewis

White Dogwood Lane – Joannie Duff & Joyce Cammeron

The Briarcliff Homeowners Association 

Neighborhood associations have contributed immeasurably to the quality of life by:

  • Maintaining property standards and expectations;
  • Communicating proper aesthetics and routine maintenance for yards and homes;
  • Providing a forum for individual voices to be heard;
  • Helping to determine community priorities and influence community decisions;
  • Implementing projects which have improved the appearance of the community and stimulated pride in neighborhoods and the community as a whole;
  • Providing an opportunity for residents to learn new skills and serve as a training ground for new community leaders; and
  • Contributing to the personal well-being of residents and to a spirit of cooperation and community among neighbors.